Collaborative Project Structure

Implementing a Collaborative Project Structure with a dedicated Additive Manufacturing applications engineer for Early Adoption of Continuous Fiber Injection Process (CFIP) is a progressive strategy. It involves customizing CFIP solutions to your company’s specific needs, providing a competitive edge, and fostering innovation. The AM applications engineer is essential for expertise and risk management, ensuring successful implementation and industry leadership.

Definition of specifications

The customer provides the specifications for the proposed case study, which may be related to the part geometry, loads, constrained regions, material types, and any other relevant information. We will contribute by providing our deep knowledge and expertise in the 3D printing and composite materials areas.

Conceptual design and topology optimization

We implement a unique methodology based on topology optimisation specifically developed for CFIP technology, which enables us to determine the optimal distribution of fibre trajectories and AM material according to a defined objective (e.q. minimum mass).

Detail design and FEM validation

We refine the optimised concept design generated in the previous step by including all necessary features to ensure the complete functionality and manufacturing feasibility of the part. We then virtually validate the design using mechanical simulations based on the Finite Element Method.

Manufacturing of prototypes

 Reinforce3D currently has the capacity for manufacturing from a single unit to a small production un, including the 3D printed parts and their reinforcement using CFIP technology. If the customer prefers to be in charge of the 3D printing, we can happily collaborate on that basis and provide the reinforcement for completing the parts.

Testing of prototypes

Reinforce3D can handle prototype testing in the laboratory in order to experimentally validate the part, e.g in terms of strength or stiffness under the defined loading conditions.

Economical viability analysis

Reinforce3D can also calculate the OPEX and CAPEX costs of the developed solution according to an anual production target defined by the customer, accounting for materials, labour, and equipment-related costs.

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