We drastically improve the performance of 3D printed parts by reinforcing them with continuous carbon fibers.

CFIP Technology

CFIP is a new post-process technology which drastically improves the mechanical and lightweighting performance of 3D printed parts by reinforcing them with continuous fibers such as carbon fibers.

The Continuous Fibre Injection Process (CFIP) is the first technology based on reinforcing the part after the Additive Manufacturing (AM) process instead of during it. It consists on injecting the continuous fibres simultaneously with liquid resin inside tubular cavities in the part. After this, the part is cured so that the resin, once solidified, finally acts as a mechanical interface between the fibers and the rest of the part. This breakthrough approach provides the following disruptive advantages:

Fibre trajectories

It allows to place the fibers in all directions following complex trajectories (also between printing layers).


It can reinforce parts made by any existing AM technology and material, including plastics, metals and ceramics.

Integral joining

It enables to integrally join different parts with fiber continuity between them, achieving an ultrahigh joining performance.

Large structures

It allows the efficient manufacturing of large, multi-material and multi-process structures.

* The IP rights of the CFIP Technology are protected by different patents.


First native CFIP solution

The first ever machine designed and created specifically for CFIP, it automates the process for industrial production scales and ready-to-use prototypes. With patented CFIP technology at the core of its creation, the machine is a dedicated solution for part reinforcement down to the last detail.

Added value

The CFIP Technology can add high value to products and structures through the following fields:

Collaborative Project Structure


CFIP is a transversal technology aimed to address a wide variety of sectors and applications. Some the most relevant are:



Sporting goods




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